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BlueHealth Innovation Center stimulates innovation and entrepreneurship on the crossroads of technology and healthcare.

BlueHealth Innovation Center (BHIC) is a unique combination of top players (industry, care organizations, research centers and local governments) working towards the same goal: supporting the digital transformation of our healthcare industry. For that reason, we're fostering a unique network of stakeholders, who are often just a phone call away.

As we put innovation, sustainability and entrepreneurship at the center of everything we do, we've made it our mission to support young start-ups and scale-ups, trigger a mindset shift within the broader healthcare industry, as well as stimulate student-entrepreneurship in order to support the necessary digital transformation of our healthcare sector.

As a private-public partnership (in the form of a non-profit organization), we bring together a variety of stakeholders that each play a key role within this transformation. ​BlueHealth Innovation Center is the result of a collective vision, made possible by the following organizations.

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